What I’m Listening To: July 2018

August has reared its sweltering hot (and ugly) face marking the end of yet another subpar summer. I did, however, finally move into my own apartment for my SENIOR year and I couldn’t be more excited. Lots of exciting things coming in the next year but let’s get to the first week of classes first.

As for my monthly blog post, I’d say July was relatively slow compared to previous months – certainly for quality music (keyword quality). I tried to listen to Astroworldand I just couldn’t get into it. It genuinely blows my mind that y’all like to listen to music like that casually? I guess we all have our tastes, and that’s fine, but you won’t find me bopping along unless it’s at the bars and I don’t have a choice. (Also justice for Amanda Lepore)

So below you’ll find what I’ve been listening to and I can either enlighten you to bop-worthy music or we can either agree to disagree…

“Throw a Fit” – Tinashe

So she actually released another promo single about a month ago and I chose to ignore it cause in comparison to “Throw a Fit,” it’s just not IT. This is the kind of Tinashe we want and need. I apparently viewed Nightridethrough rose colored glasses and didn’t realize what it was missing til she put this out. But also like why she releasing new music already when you just put out a new album?

“God Is a Woman” – Ariana Grande

I can’t get enough of this album and Ariana Grande’s world takeover. This song truly solidifies herself as a major pop girl and I couldn’t be happier. And. These. VISUALS. This is like a “Bad Romance”/”Telephone”/”Judas” quality music video! These other popstars could never. I really thought she couldn’t top “Greedy” but here we are. Can’t wait to give her all my money and see her blow my wig clean off live on tour for the second time.

“Level Up” – Ciara

When I tell you my jaw was on the FLOOR when I saw this music video. Ciara is really out here werking and twerking for the gods!!! I’ll even forgive her for the cheesy “yummy in your tummy” lyric.

“Beautiful” – Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)

We’re still trying to make Camila happen – and I’m not mad about it. This song isn’t anything spectacular or new (and would be quite boring with Camila) but it’s still pretty solid. It’s like the 2018 version of “Bad Things.” We love a good formula that works year after year.

“Girls Night Out” – Charli XCX

The hits just keep on coming. Charli has blessed us yet again with pop perfection.

“Nasty One” – Lil’ Kim

We love a good comeback and supporting other female rappers in 2018 who aren’t just Nicki Minaj. (RIP Nicki 2018 like literally YIKES @ her for working with that bag of Skittles and, even worse, taking him on tour).

“Kream” – Iggy Azalea (feat. Tyga)

I mean we didn’t necessarily ask for more Iggy music but this kind of shits.

“Not So Bad In LA” – Allie X

Allie X deserves better. Public Service Announcement: We Stan.

“That’s the Shit” – Sasha Keable

Okay truth to be told I’m reaching for new music but it’s out there if you look hard enough. Open your mind to new artists you never know what you’re going to like or dislike!

“Headlights” – Jae Stephens

Spotify’s personalized Release Radar playlist is really out here doing work.

“Candlelight” – Zhavia Ward

“Hot Summer” – DJ Durel (feat. Migos)

Will never understand why artists wait until summer is practically OVER to release summer jams.

“Complicated” – Mura Masa (feat. NAO)

“No Brainer” – DJ Khaled (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo & Chance the Rapper)

I’ll admit it. This song is catchy AF but I genuinely thought we were done with Jbiebs. (And DJ Khaled for that matter). The only thing I would be okay with is if Khaled brought him out on Friday in Chicago to perform this live cause Imma need SOMETHING to keep me awake until Beyonce comes out.

“Dance For Me – Initial Talk Remix” – ALMA (feat. MO)

I don’t normally like remixes unless they are 1. Better than the original or 2. Completely change the vibe of the original, but I’m really on board with this one. Also, we need to work harder to make ALMA happen in the US.

“Say Amen (Saturday Night)” – Panic! At The Disco

I’m not sure why I paid zero attention to their new album but this song is actually a banger. Also, recently Brandon Urie announcing he’s pansexual only makes perfect sense considering a straight could have NEVER made such legendary middle school emo songs like “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” ICONIC.

“NICE” – The Carters

Only putting this because I cannot physically WAIT to be in the same room as the US Royal Family in Chicago on Friday. (I need to start learning some Jay Z songs though lmao). Also, I will quite literally post up at her tour bus after the show if she doesn’t add “BOSS” to the setlist by the time she gets to Chicago… I’d be fine with her keeping the current setlist and no other additions, but I swear to GOD (THE WOMAN THAT IS ARIANA GRANDE) that I will lose my absolute (APE)SHIT if she adds fricken “FRIENDS” or “SUMMER” instead of “BOSS.” And that’s that on that.

“Morning” – Francis and the Lights

If you don’t know already, this is the theme song for Keeping Up with the Kardashiansand I haven’t gotten it out of my head since I binge-watched season 14 after it was put up on Hulu a few weeks ago. It’s essentially an intro track to his album but all we really care about is the vintage clips of the Kardashians that flash through my head whenever I hear it. (And thinking about the MOST interesting to look at Kourtney Kardash – are you team Kim or team Kourtney? I need to know).

“Fear” – Deaf Havana

I randomly saw this album on my “New Music Radar” page on Spotify and gave it a shot and was kind of surprised how much I didn’t hate it? It’s not necessarily in my realm of music standards but I can appreciate a catchy song. Whoever Deaf Havana is(?) reminds me of a cross between HAIM and a country band? We’re not sure.

Both Mamma Mia 1 AND 2 Soundtracks

If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia 2 yet (or the first one for that matter) go to your nearest theater and buy tickets for three days in a row because it’s that good. I need 12 more sequels with corresponding soundtracks.

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

And lastly, not because I think this song needs to make a comeback seven years later, but 1. RIP Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) who passed away last week and starred in this iconic music video, but also 2. Shoutout to my mom for snatching tickets to Lady Gaga’s new residency in VEGAS!

As always, thanks for reading if you made it this far (and if you didn’t gtfo). Follow me on Spotify here and stay tuned for more posts on here.


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